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2017-04-23 12:00 pm

WTF Universe?

Stop it! Stop hurting people!
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2017-02-20 06:34 pm

I Am Done

Chess pieces, fine. Catnip toys, okay.

Little green plastic army dudes makes this some terrible CGI movie, so I am out before Barbie shows up.
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2017-02-12 09:16 pm


A birthday present from my dad arrived. Today.

I'm thinking I may just send it back.
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2016-12-07 09:38 pm


Anybody any good at algebra? Or maybe explaining it on a third grade level? As that is apparently what my teacher thinks I need.
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2016-10-05 08:52 am


In news of things finally going right, I have had the BEST ROOMMATE EVER for approximately ten days now.
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2016-08-03 11:28 am

Text to Alison

I think I'm going to have to cancel on the hiking trip. Mind if I hang out with you instead?
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2016-07-26 01:06 pm

Phone help

Anybody know how I can change my number and keep the number private? Like, from even my mom? Or should I just shut the damned thing in a drawer and forget it exists?

I don't need a phone.
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2016-04-24 06:21 pm


That people who make tentacle pron jokes get to be called adults.
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2016-01-23 12:19 pm

(no subject)

So, just how delicate are the floors here? I mean, there are whole hallways that are totally abandoned. They can take some abuse, right?

I got a new present and it is the BEST EVER.
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2015-11-27 12:18 pm

Well then

Going to have to have a talk with CPS if we're living with zombies.
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2015-10-08 11:55 am

(no subject)

So, I was on my morning constitutional when I heard someone making
explosions without me? What gives?
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2015-09-08 07:08 pm


How would I get a passport? And maybe travel to another continent?
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2015-08-31 11:38 am

So I took an extended lunch break.

And went to the book shop in town. The seller was TOTALLY gaga over this series, so I picked it up and started to read.

EL James is a weirdo.

But I think I'm going to finish these things anyhow. Maybe get some insight into grown-ups lives.
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2015-08-30 09:14 pm


I like cat videos as much as the next post-millennial, but it's messing with my Nicki time!
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2015-08-30 08:50 pm

I think I have a girlcrush.

How is Nicki Minaj so hot? Really? Is it a mutant power?
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2015-08-28 09:55 pm


Anybody know what happened to that Topaz lady? I've got books I need to return.
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2015-08-11 11:42 pm

(no subject)

Yeah, so I should be sleeping.


Is it time for bubblegum pop in the rec room?

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2015-08-11 07:01 pm

Miles and Bobby are Terrible People

With capital Ts and Ps.

I'm going to take ANOTHER HOT SHOWER.
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2015-08-10 04:10 pm


What up, new people?
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2015-07-11 09:53 pm

Hey, people!

Entertain me. I'm bored.

Oh, hey, anybody know anything about that big thinger in NYC? Some kid get away with shoplifting AFTER he was arrested? I gotta learn his tricks, man.